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DHCP working fine only with Apple devices

Hi all,


our client is expirience problems to get IP Address via DHCP in all yours SSIDs. All Apple device are able to get IP Address and no problem about navegation, but not same to other devices (e.g. Android, Windows devices).They have 3 SSIDs ( 1 Guest Captive Portal and 2 using Radius+TLS). We have been realized a migration from physical to virtual controller. All config match on both controller, but anyway, Android and Windows devices isn't able to get IP Address.

I ran a debug over DHCP, and I was able to see transactions happening. The contoller receives DHCP Offer packets, but it doesn't forward to Android and WIndows clients.
When I run a show user command I'm able to see IP Address assigned on that MAC Address, but on client's configuration it gets APIPA address.

The feeling is like if Controller do not send DHCP's Offer received from DHCP Server to those Android and Windows clients.

I am sending attached the show log network all, , show version and show inventory output.

Re: DHCP working fine only with Apple devices

Hi Paulo,


is it possible to open a TAC ticket?


There are few client related outputs that need to be checked on the controller to ensure packets are taking the correct path ?


I am suspecting that datapth bridge entry for the clients is probably pointing to uplink interface rather than Wifi tunnel which could be causing the issue ?


I assume that role assigned to windows/apple clients is same which allows relevant traffic.



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