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DNS Issue with Clients on AP125

My AP125 connects to my 3200XM controller properly but I am not able to get to google.com from a client. I am able to ping the DNS server ( which is dynamically given to the clients by the dhcp pool configuration but for some reason the actual name resolution is being blocked? or something is wrong with the configuration. I can get to which is google.com's IP address but I am not able to get DNS to go to google.com directly. So it is some sort of DNS issue. 


Any ideas?


I have attached the outputs of "show user-table" and "show rights guest" and "show ip dhcp database" commands. 



Re: DNS Issue with Clients on AP125

What version of AOS are you running ?

I noticed an issue on a code the other where the netservice svc-DNS wasn't working properly and I had to manually specify the ports in the acl ( Udp / 53 and tcp / 53 )

Confirm that the device doesn't have another DNS server in nic settings
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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