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Dahboard Data Missing after Controller swap

I just migrated 40 APs (combination of AP 105 and AP 135) from an older 3600 controller running AOS to a new 7205 running AOS firmware.  All of the APs came up and associated to the new controller and upgraded successfully and the client can connect. However, none of the clients show up on the "Performance " dashboard in the GUI and none of the access points are visible on the "Access Points" dashboard.  When I go to the "Radios" tab I can see all of the radios, but the Access Point Name field is :"unknown"


Has anyone else seen this when upgrading controllers?



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Re: Dahboard Data Missing after Controller swap

Try clearing your browser cache, if you haven't done so already..

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Re: Dahboard Data Missing after Controller swap

I did try that and it doesn't seem to make any difference.  Also, I've use Chrome and Firefox (the Chrome install was completely fresh, and I am still seeing the issue).


To give you a better idea of the environment, the Controller is installed in a Data Center and all of the APs are connected to it through a private MPLS WAN.  There is an employee network (AD authenticated 802.1X) where the clients are locally bridged and a guest network (WPA2-PSK) which is tunneled to the controller. All of the APs were originally provisioned as RAPs, but in the process of the upgrade/switch over from the old 3600 I converted them all to Campus APs.

I can see all ofthe AP names in the CLI, but neither they nor the clients appear on the Dashboard tabs in the GUI.

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