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Daily client inventory reports - Windows information

I have a report from Airwave titled "Daily Client Inventory Report" that shows a breakdown of OS types, version, hardware, etc.

In the Device Manufacturer and Device Model, there is a significant # of "Unknown".  This matches exactly with my windows devices.

Any idea on how it tries to deduce manufacturer/model?    ie...could we populate a field on the device and have it report on that?   Or...could we gather that info from somewhere else and report on it?

Re: Daily client inventory reports - Windows information

Have you tried creating the report based on AOS Device type?

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Re: Daily client inventory reports - Windows information

You can set any of the classification fields you know of.  To do this -> navigate to a client -> if client is active on the network, you'll be taken to their client diagnostic page -> click over to their Client Detail page.  Then under "Device Info" update whichever fields you know the information for - if you're not seeing the category, you may need to click on the 'show additional properties' at the bottom left of the Device Info box.  When you've updated the information, be sure to save it before moving on to the next client.  This information will persist as long as the client is not aged out -> so you will want to double check your AMP Setup -> Historical Data Retention values for Client Association and Inactive Clients.  Note that Device Type by default is an amalgamation of Manufacturer + Model.



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