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Debugging VOIP/Wifi issues


I'm looking for tips as to how to progress debugging an issue with a VOIP/WiFi hand set calling any destination. AFAIK according to  the controller GUI everything looks o.k. However After the a call is established with a remote device, the recipient loses audio for 6 seconds ... then it comes back for a while, then loses it again, always for 6 seconds. Doesn't matter direction of call.  Whoever gets called sees this  loss of 6 secs. Seems to happen irrespective of destination, which also covers VOIP/WiFi <-> VOIP/WiFi phones on same AP/SSID


Network wise things are slightly strange here. Our production wifi advertises 3 SSIDs within the building on its own set of APs. We also have a dev controller (stand alone) with 5 APs connected to it advertising another ssid which I'm using to test VoIP, Airgroups and  controller Roles and policies.

Controller ACLs apply an allow all policy to devices identifed as VoIP phones by our clearpass server.




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Re: Debugging VOIP/Wifi issues

You haven't given us enough information such as what type of handset and what band it is running on and lastly do you have prioritization on your WLAN enabled.



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Re: Debugging VOIP/Wifi issues

Phone is
VoIP Phone / Siemens / Siemens optiPoint WL3

5Ghz band

Yup haver enabled traffic prioritisation

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