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Default AP eirp levels

We recently had an engineer perform a survey on a sample are of our wlan and he commented that we should ocnsider turning down the transmit power as his device was seeing too many APs.  He said we could be seeing issues with connectivity and roaming, and to be honest, we do have these sorts of issues...  The defaults are min 9 and max of 127, and I have read some posts suggesting to try 12 & 18 (127 was simply the regulatory max), but given the advice, surely Id want to consider a min of lower than our current value?


I also nticed on Airwave (just had it installed), that on the VisualRF, if Im interpreting the relation lines between the APs as being what other APs can an AP actually see, then I am suprised at how many other APs a single one can actually see.  Again, this could suggest that we need to tweak our power settings.


Would appreciate any advice on how best to diagnose/resolve this sort of issue...





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Re: Default AP eirp levels

If you have someone in your environment looking at your wireless, they have the best picture to advise you specific to your environment.  We can only offer your piecemeal advice here, honestly.


Aruba's 802.11ac access points have great receive sensitivity, so they will see alot of things.  You will know if your access points are too high when your RF utilization at midnight is at 20% on a channel in Airwave.  You can find general tips here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Technology-Blog/Removing-the-Bottleneck-in-Wireless/ba-p/77978

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Re: Default AP eirp levels

I would also leverage ase.arubanetworks.com with the RF optimization solution.  It will spit out the best practice config based on your deployment with selectable inputs based on your deployment and building materials.





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