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Dell W-AP225 Virtual Controller with Aruba IAP220

Hello all,


I am new to Aruba please be kind :). I have an existing Dell W-AP225 (Dell PowerConnect W-ArubaOS Controller Software) as a Virtual controller for 2 existing Dell AP with Aruba OS. The firmware is

And I have an Aruba IAP 220 with firmware to join the mesh.

My questions are;

1. Is Dell W-AP series compatible with Aruba IAP?

2. I understand that in order for Aruba IAP to join a mesh, the firmware needs to match. Should I downgrade the Aruba IAP or upgrade the Dell? 

3. Where do one go to download these firmwares?


Thank you very much in advance. 



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Re: Dell W-AP225 Virtual Controller with Aruba IAP220

1.  It is not.

2.  You should not run those two devices together.

3.  Please read#2

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Re: Dell W-AP225 Virtual Controller with Aruba IAP220

Thanks Colin.

I am guessing from your reply, Aruba IAP 225 will not join the mesh with Dell W-AP225 Virtual Controller? 


If this is the case then there will be 2 mesh (1 with Dell Virtual controller and 1 with the new Aruba IAP) on the same wireless LAN, and the same broadcast domain for management IP. 

Is this OK?



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