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Design Question: AP-225 vs AP-345 nuances



When performing a site survey, I know that the 225 and 345 have basically the same propogation but what differences should I be looking at when using 345s vs 225s. Currently, we are using RF Planner and just choosing 225s but can someone explain the design differences/considerations when perform a site survey?


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Re: Design Question: AP-225 vs AP-345 nuances

Concerning site surveys, there should not be any meaningful differences between AP-225 and AP-345.

Performance within the coverage area can/will be superior with the AP-345 (depending on client capabilities and other factors), but the coverage area itself is roughly the same.

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Re: Design Question: AP-225 vs AP-345 nuances

So, what is different. Is it just capacity? Number of users?

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Re: Design Question: AP-225 vs AP-345 nuances

The AP-345 allows you to tune both radios to the 5ghz band, which is a big deal.


Please see the other Unique Benefits on the datasheet here:  https://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_AP340Series.pdf

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