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Destination not working as expected

Hi Everyone,


We have a wireless users in VLAN 200 in /24 network. I have configured the ACL (any any any dst-nat ip but redirecting is not working. I am not able to ping the from the subnet. but if i remove the ACL then i am able to ping it.


I dont have gateway for the user for the VLAN 200. It is in the switch not on the controller and it is tagged to the switch.


Do we have to IP interface configured for the VALN 200 on the controller for dst-nat to work properly?


I do not see any routing issue as removing the dst-nat acl and making allowall is working fine which the users in VLAN 200 is able to ping the


Awaiting your valuable advice on it.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Destination not working as expected

Yes, you need an L3 interface on the controller for the source network.

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Re: Destination not working as expected

what is the goal of your dst-nat rule?  To dst-nat all traffic or only certain protocols?

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