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Detailed Design Documentation



I am looking for examples of documentation or workbooks or passing details through requirements, design, installation, transition and operations.  Especialy for large organisations where these are delivered by multiple teams and engineers.


Thanks for any resoures that I can be directed me to.


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Re: Detailed Design Documentation

Please take a look at the Aruba Validated Reference Design documents here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/resources/reference-design-guides/

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ArubaOS 8.4 User Guide
InstantOS 8.3 User Guide
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Re: Detailed Design Documentation



Thanks, but been there already.


They are excellent process guideance, but I am looking for a way to capture the results of these for handovers between teams.






Re: Detailed Design Documentation

Outside of what Colin has provided (VRD), most of the process/guidance and handoff documents i have seen have been developed by integrators and partners via very pricey contracts, and are subject to NDAs, etc. As they are usually developed in-house and have a lot of customization based on their internal expertise, findings what you are likely looking for without paying large amounts of money is pretty slim, but I hope you find what you need.

For exmaple, on my my customers has documents outlining every step of the process from installation of the controllers to the configuration to the every day maintenance, incident response, change process and hange control, upgrades, etc. It was developed by a large integration partner and cost a pretty penny.

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