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Determines external antenna parameters

Hi all,

When i provision 228AP, i must enter the Extenal Antenna Parameters, but i don't clearly about this parameter. What is recommended value or how do i can determines a suitable parameter for AP.

If i refer odering guide to compare and get this parameter, am i right?

Ex: With part number JW009A , i see in description and use 4 for 2.4 GHz and 6 for 5 Ghz ?

Any one can explain to me about this parameters?


Many Thanks



Re: Determines external antenna parameters

you are on the correct path - from the ordering guide that antenna you highlighted showed 4dBi for 2.4GHz and 6dBi for 5GHz, thus you would enter 4 and 6 for the antenna gain when provisioning the AP.


these values are used to make sure that the AP stays below the maximum allowed EIRP even as you tell it you have put a higher gain antenna on.


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Re: Determines external antenna parameters



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