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Determining which AP connected to

Curious, for survey people, or just troubleshooters... how do you determine which AP your laptop is currently connected to?


I've been experimenting with different apps (WiFi Explorer, WiFi Signal) that will identify an AP's name, but apparently the way the Aruba OS advertises (in beacon frames, not probe frames) means those apps won't receive the name.


I feel like this is such a fundamental thing that there must be a way, that I'm just unaware of.


Anyone want to share?

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Re: Determining which AP connected to

netsh wlan show interface will show the BSSID that the laptops is connected to on a Windows device.


On the controller you would type "show ap bss-table| include <that bssid>" to see what AP you are connected to.  Or, you could use Aruba Utilities  app on android in the google play store.  You can connect the app to the controller and it will translate the BSSIDs you are seeing to AP names.

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