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Device configuration shows as verifying

All of my devices in AirWaves show Verifying under the Configuration status. When I click on Verifying, it opens the AirWave Mismatches page, which shows no mismatches. If I click on Config History it says "cluster is not in auto-repair mode skipping". In one of my AP groups, all of the VCs show as down, despite being online and functioning. 


I saw one post about a similar issue and they said to check Rapids Containment Options, but when I click on Rapids it just endlessly loads. 


Any ideas what might cause this?

Re: Device configuration shows as verifying

If device are physically up but stauts going intermittently down in Airwave then we could increase the https timeout value in Groups>Basic page and also you could increase below setting values in AMPSetup>General page

Maximum number of configuration processes (1-30):
Maximum number of audit processes (1-30):

if issue still persist open TAC ticket.

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