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Device discovery problem using snmpv1

Hi guys,


I'm trying to discover other vendor wired switches with Airwave 7.7.3. The devices are 3com 4200 or 3com 4500 families with snmpv1 capabilities only. I run several Scans with different set ups on  Device Setup > Discover and Device Setup > Communication, while monitoring Airwave interface with tcpdump. The best result I got is snmpv1 request and response with no new device discovered.


I also tried manually addition on Device Setup > Add and got snmpv2 request only.


The command "snmpwalk -c community -v 1 ipaddress" on Airwave console works properly.


Any other ideas?



Re: Device discovery problem using snmpv1



I don't think we support discovery of those devices with scans.  I think your best bet would be to import them via csv on the Device Setup -> Add page.



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Re: Device discovery problem using snmpv1



If manual addition is not working for one device I don't see why it would work for many devices in a csv file. The problem is: Airwave uses snmpv2 by default to contact an added device. Device speakes snmpv1 only. I haven't found a way to change snmp version to snmpv1 on Communication properties of device.



Re: Device discovery problem using snmpv1



According to this http://www.andovercg.com/datasheets/3com-4500g-switches.pdf

it should support snmp v2.


Are you on the latest firmware on that switch?



Edited the link, had the 4400 instead of 4500

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