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Devices getting the AP-Role as their status.

We are having an issue at one of our sites that are operating on a 3400 controller running aos  We are seeing devices from time to time not being allowed to hit the network and when we investigate it, the status says AP-role.  This has happened on multiple devices including chrome books, IPad and windows devices.  We have noticed that this controller seems to have a large number of clients with excessive days in the Age field (40 + days).  We also noticed with a couple of the devices that the same mac address has multiple ips.  It seems like it is hanging the device and not releasing.  Please advise if you have seen this or have any suggestions or if this belongs in another location on the forum.  Thanks!!!

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Re: Devices getting the AP-Role as their status.

Did you change the aaa timers?


If this is a pressing issue, you should open a case with TAC, because it could take awhile for us to ask you enough questions to get to the bottom of this..

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