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Dhcp issues

I have the Ap's setup as RAPand  they are communicating with the controller in tunnel mode

My Issue is that I can connect to the AP as a guest or secure user , however I don't get an IP Address from the AP for the client device .

The wired guest and the wireless guest share the same vlan 147

The wired guest clients do get a dhcp ip address from the Non Aruba dhcp server.

The existing Cisco Aps can hand out Dhcp ip address to client on the same vlan 37 as secure user

The Controller and clearpass server are at the Data center

The APs are at the corporate office

The Ap's are connected to Cisco 6509 switches and the two local vlans 37,147 that only exist on that switch .

All connections to other floors and the data center travel over layer3 links no vlan trunking  between switches local  or to the Data Center.


Aruba Employee

Re: Dhcp issues

A couple things to check...


1. Does the role have that VLAN applied to it?

2. Does that VLAN exist on the controller?

3. You might need to add an IP address to that VLAN for the controller. It might need this to route DHCP requests. Under the IP address you can also set the DHCP relay IP (put 2 addresses here, your DHCP server and the CPPM VIP for profiling).

4. Make sure the controller can ping the DHCP server.


Hope this helps.


Zach Jennings
Super Contributor II

Re: Dhcp issues

What zjennings said and also check that DHCP is allowed in the role you end up in when connecting to your SSID.



Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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