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Difference Between High Density and Low Density AP

I'm doing my best to root out the cause of my new company's horrible wireless performance. One thing I've noticed in Aruba's support is that AP 93s are best in low density enviornments while AP 105s are better for high-density ones, however they don't really go into (at least not that I've found) what exactly defines high/low density. 


Right now we've got ~250 clients spread (not so evenly) across 14 AP 93s. Each AP is handling 20-40 clients. Is the issue really as simple as this hardware not being able to handle this number of clients? 


Does anybody have any clues? I've thought about buying a few AP 105s to lighten the load, and to take up anybody capable of 5Ghz. 



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Re: Difference Between High Density and Low Density AP



Do you have "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" enabled on the Virtual AP of your Wireless LAN?


Please go to Configuration> Wireless LAN> AP Configuration.  Edit the AP-Group that your access points are in.


Expand Wireless LAN.  Expand Virtual AP.  Click on your first Virtual AP.  In the Right Pane, is "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" and"Convert Broadcast ARP requests to unicast" option enabled?  If not, enable both of them immediately, then click apply in the lower right hand corner.  Do this for all your Virtual APs in the list.


A considerable amout of airtime is consumed by broadcasts on the network and these options shut them off.  This is a routine troubleshooting step on wireless LANs and is at the heart of a great deal of congestion/performance issues, so please enable it and let us know if things are different.


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Re: Difference Between High Density and Low Density AP

Could somebody tell us a document,that informs the best practices for the number of user per AP?

Re: Difference Between High Density and Low Density AP

Hello Edimilson

To calculate that you need to take in mind many things

BW used per device

Number of devices

Type of Access Points

Type of WLAN card of the device(for example if the client cards is 2x2 or its 1x1)


This can give you an idea of how many devices you can put for AP( remenber this will give you an IDEA is not exact)






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