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Difference between basic rate and transmit rate ?

See attached .jpg file for reference


What is the difference between basic rate and transmit rate?  

Does anyone else adjust these settings or is default good for most installs?

What would the desired settings be in a dense deployment (school with AP in every classroom). How would you adjust these settings in a less dense deployment (say AP in every 3rd classroom)


I've always thought of it being a way to help steer the end device to the closest AP by turning off the lower transmit rates. Preventing clients from "sticking" to the first AP they associate to. 


The denser the deployment the more lower transmits I would turn off. Less dense the more I would turn on.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. 



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Re: Difference between basic rate and transmit rate ?

Basic rates are the rates for management traffic.  Transmit rates are the rates for data.


The majority of the time, these values are not adjusted.  Other times, they are adjusted to possibly improve roaming or reduce RF utilization.


There is no set way to do this; it involves experimentation to get it right.



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