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Difference in radio sensitivity between new AP270 and the AP175

I was comparing the radio sensitivity of the new AP270 with the AP175 and the sensitivity of the sensitivity of the AP270 is 6 to 9dB worst than the AP175.

For example for 802.11n HT40 5Ghz according to the datasheets the values are:


  • MCS0/8: -92dBm
  • MCS7/15: -73dBm


  • MCS0/8: -85dBm
  • MCS7/15: -68dBm

Theoretically in radio budget a difference of approximately 6dB less would mean that the AP270 would have half of the coverage of the AP175.

Is this right do we have all this difference or there is an error on the datasheet? Has anyone already deployed the AP270 and AP175 and noticed this difference?


Re: Difference in radio sensitivity between new AP270 and the AP175

Here's the answer:


The AP-270 numbers are quoted per chain to make it more consistent with the rest of the campus AP part numbers.


Therefore the numbers have to be adjusted by 4.8 dB downward to get to system sensitivity.


AP-175 was quoted as aggregate (included MRC benefit)


The AP-270 has integrated the Advanced cellular colocation filtering which has a net sensitivity impact of about 0.6 dB relative to Ap-175 where that function was provided external to the chassis.


AP-270 performance results show that it outperforms AP-175 at all ranges

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