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Dimensions rack mount kit AP-130-MNT-W2



I have 700 AP135 to install, i would like to prepare the project before having the AP and Mounting kit.


The document Aruba AP-130-MNT-W2 installation guide has some informations (how to install it) but have no information about dimension.


someone has it  (HxWxD) ?  





Re: Dimensions rack mount kit AP-130-MNT-W2

Only info i found for you  is regarding the AP unit itself..


Hope it will help u to fit the AP/mount (usually the mount isn't much bigger in the width from the AP and it shorter in the height.



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Re: Dimensions rack mount kit AP-130-MNT-W2

thanks for your answer.


But i will like have  the depth. I would plug a secure cable. The rj45 connector is slightly longer than  normal connector (I do not have the exact size yet) and i will be sure this cable is good for the rack mount kit.




Re: Dimensions rack mount kit AP-130-MNT-W2

A mechanical drawing of the AP-130-MNT-W2 box is attached (plastic part only; slider and spring not shown).


You only have about an inch clearance behind the RJ45 connectors, which means that you'll need to use low-profile plugs to leave enough space to allow for the cable bend radius. It will be very difficult (impossible?) to use cables with the bigger molded-on RJ45 plugs; the expectation is that the cable is cut at the AP and terminated with a crimped-on plug.


Hope that makes sense.



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