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Directional antenna placement for 2x2-D805

Currently we want to cover a large open outdoor area with wireless. We have an AP-175 mounted on a building with 2 directional antennas, ANT- 2x2-D805, and I was wondering the proper placement for them. Should I have them side by side and at an angle, so we would get a wider area covered, but not abg everywhere. Some spots would have bg, so would have a and some would have abg. Or should I just have the antennas one top of one another and provide abg everywhere. but have less of a coverage area?





Re: Directional antenna placement for 2x2-D805

You are wanting to cover the area with the same overlapping 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz coverage? If so, you can place them side by side or over-under, whatever works best for your installers and fits within the proper guidance on best-practices. The key would be to make sure that each antenna is connected to a single radio (one D805 has both connections going to the 2.4Ghz radio, the other has both cables going to the 5Ghz radio). The D805 has the elements within it already cross-polarized so that's not anything you have to worry about.

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