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Disable USB functionality on controller

One of our end customers is renewing their infrastructure with 300 series access points. They will not use the USB functionality for now and they were wondering if it was possible to disable this. By default the functionality is enabled and it consumes an extra +-6W per AP causing the AP's to use 802.11AT instead of 802.11AF.


I know there is an option to disable it on an per AP basis via CLI. We can also disable LLDP on the switchport as this will cause the AP to use 802.11AF. However both of these options are rather time consuming and difficult to manage. 


I also found the option 'ap-usb-power-override' on the controller however this seems to force enable the USB on AP's where it is disabled by default. Is there also a similar option to disable the USB functionality in general?


EDIT: Did some additional googling and found below thread from almost 2 years ago stating that this was not possible. However this is a really simple option, has it still not been included?



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