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Disable USB ports

So in perusing my University Reddit - I found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/WPI/comments/df4ls0/innovation_at_its_finest/. (if the Reddit post goes away - it's a phone being charged off one of my access points in a dorm)

My request is straight forward - how can I globally or via ap-group disable the USB port on AP2xx, AP3xx and/or AP5xx from an AOS8 controller.

Thanks in advance ... for not laughing too hard

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Re: Disable USB ports

You can enable or disable USB via AP system profile (Use ArubaOS 8.4.x or higher)


It will allow you to enable/disable power for the usb port via AP system profile,follow the UG (Userguide) of the ArubaOS 8.4/8.5 , you will find all needed info on it.




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Re: Disable USB ports

There is a way to do what you want but that requires downtime.


You could disable devices connected to the USB port of the AP from receiving power, thus solving your charging woes.


This can be done in the ap provisioning-profile


The command is "usb-power-mode disable". This would not allow the devices connected to the USB port to receive power.


Then push the provisioning profile to the ap-group.


Warning: In the future if you connect any USB modem , they will not work too.


Please refer page 219 and 221 of the AOS 8.5 cli reference guide for more information.


Not-so-innovative though, stealing power from the AP would only deteriorate their wifi. They are choosing power over wifi? What is the point of having a fully charged mobile phone with sloppy wifi. :D


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