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Disable the 2.4Ghz Radio on RAPs

We have a large mobile worker program.  Users all have RAPs.  Only device that would be allowed to connect to the RAP would be our corporate laptops.  Being as these are at users homes and most homes are surrounded by neighbors wireless would it benefit the RAP user any if I disable the 2.4Ghz radio?  I ask because I had a user the other day on the 2.4 who was dropping from the wifi all day.  At his request (knowledgable IT guy) I disabled the 2.4 and his issue went away.  


Now I am thinking why not do this on all our RAPs.  More channels less interference on the 5Ghz right?


Please advice if this sounds like a bad idea.

Re: Disable the 2.4Ghz Radio on RAPs

You could just assign a 2.4GHz radio profile that is set to am (air monitor) mode if you are sure that there are no users connecting with 2.4GHz only radios.

Otherwise, you could maybe set the band-steering to 'force-5GHz' in the vap profile.


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