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Disabling CPSEC on AP group


On my controller I have 2 different types of connected APs.

1. APS with 802.1x ssid in bridge mode

2. Mesh portal/points with guest portal in tunnel mode


In the OS I am using when I tried to put the APS in group 1 to bridge mode I got a warning that I had to enable cpsec to do so. As this is a global command also the mesh APS in group 2 are forced to do cpsec.


Question 1: I am using only internal lan links here so I don't want to use cpsec at all. Is there a way to use bridge ssids without cpsec ?

Question 2: Can I disable CPSEC on the mesh AP group  to save bandwidth on the mesh link ?





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Re: Disabling CPSEC on AP group

CPSEC is global, so if you enable it, it will enable it for all devices.  Enabling CPSEC can can cause your APs to be down for at least a few minutes while they get certificates, but when you do, it is done.  Make sure auto cert provisioning is on.  


You can make a Virtual AP bridged or an ethernet port bridged by provisioning an access point as a Remote AP, without turning on CPSEC.


Turning on CPSEC does not save bandwidth on mesh links.

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