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Disabling Legacy Clients: 802.11b

Hi everyone,


We are looking to stop legacy clients (802.11b) from connecting to our SSIDs. Clients at the site connect to an Instant AP 225 cluster which is controlled through Airwave. We edit the config via a template/CLI from Airwave. Any advice for this? Also, any negatives that can come up from doing this that might affect others?



Thanks in advance!



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Re: Disabling Legacy Clients: 802.11b

In the template what you can do is enable your min g rate to start at 12 since

802.11b uses 1,5,11 to associate

2014-11-13 22_07_25-AMP-SERVER.png


Unless you have older devices that need these rates , this is actually a good idea because it makes your wireless transmissions much cleaner and effective because 802.11b devices take more time to transmit because these don't support the much more faster rates and it slows your 802.11n/ac devices .


The AP will use a protection mechanism to allow these devices to associate and that means that every other wireless device in the vecinity has to use that and this impacts every device associate or close that it can hear that 802.11b frame.

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Disabling Legacy Clients: 802.11b

Thanks Victor! That helps. I just noticed we did have min of 12 added into the config for 802.11a and b for one of our SSIDs, but the config was missing on the other SSIDs we use.





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