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Disappearing and reappearing SSID

Besides CCI or APs going offline, what would cause ssid to disappear one minute and reappear another minute? Thanks

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID


If the AP keeps bootstrapping and the GRE Tunnel keeps dropping that could cause that the SSIDs or SSID keeps disappearing, each builds a GRE tunnel per SSID


Please run the following commands to see if that is the case:


show ap debug counters | include <apname>


show ap debug system-status ap-name <apname>


show log system 100 


When you see that happening also run :


show ap bss-table ap-name <apname>

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

Also if you are on the 'fringe' of coverage the SSID may appear to come-and-go.   What RSSI/signal level do you have when the SSID is present ?

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

Thanks Victor

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

rssi is -69, pretty strong

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

Cheif, That could happen if:


- You are in an area with a great deal of multipath, or outdoors

- You have a client that is known to exhibit that behavior (Android, I am looking at you)


Please measure with two different client platforms at the same time.

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

First please confirm with the command :show ap bss-table ap-name <name of the AP> that the uptime of the tunnel was reseted.

If that doesn't happen then I would suggest to indeed confirm what cjoseph suggested - to validate with more than 1 device (maybe different OS's) that the SSID is dissapearing.

Enable debug on the AP's in question in order to see more information in the logs maybe even debug on some of the clients in that area.

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Re: Disappearing and reappearing SSID

How far is the client from the APs, use more than 1 clients to try (use tools like INSSIDER to see the signal strength etc) and use command in Aruba such as show AP bss-table to further verified.

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