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Distributed L3 DHCP varibles

I am setting up several SOHO's using RAP-3's controlled via Airwave 8.0.X. Can someone point me to a resource that discusses Airwave Template variables? I have this for now in the DHCP scope:  ip-range 172.16.2.%Start% 172.16.2.%End%. My preference would be to a network variable that would automatically calculate the start and stop addresses. Example Net #31 would result in %Start% = 31 *8 = 248, %Stop% = %Start% + 7 = 255 resuling in  ip-range



Re: Distributed L3 DHCP varibles

In the L3 Distributed option, you usually define a very large subnet pool and then give an indication of users per branch which will instruct the controller to break up this large single pool into individual branch subnets, gateways, and routes.


I would not recommend the complexity that you are trying to accomplish...also, have you tried Instant GUI in Airwave, it's much easier to manage and mimics the UI of the Instant APs.

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