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Dnsmasq vulnerabilities (DNS and DHCP)

Google security team has posted a blog entry regarding some vulnerabilities on dnsmasq (https://security.googleblog.com/2017/10/behind-masq-yet-more-dns-and-dhcp.html).

I think Aruba uses Dnsmasq for dhcp stuff but i cant find yet anything regarding this CVE´s.

So is there any information as to Aruba's (possible) exposure to this?


Re: Dnsmasq vulnerabilities (DNS and DHCP)

Yes, we do use dnsmasq in certain configurations.  At this point we are investigating what the impact is, if any.  I expect to have an advisory published next week on it.


At this point, assuming there is an impact, I believe it's mostly likely a denial-of-service risk in the near term.

Jon Green, ACMX, CISSP
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Re: Dnsmasq vulnerabilities (DNS and DHCP)

Ok thanx for the reply, will wait for the report .
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