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Documented information on RAP limitations?I

Wondering if there is documented information on RAP limitations.  Is there limits on groups or any kind of limits at all.  I have a situtation where we will put 10 access points in a park connected to an S2500 and a GRE IPSEC vpn to allow me to configure these as campus access points.  But I may need to put RAPs in locations around the park that are not using the GRE tunnel they will be using their own internet connection. So if I run those as RAPs and tunnel all the traffic through the controller are users going to be able to roam from RAP to campus ap across the same RF domain?  Kind of a different use of RAPs.

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Re: Documented information on RAP limitations?I



I believe your need can be justified with Splittunnel forwarding mode. this mode is suitable for RAPs. when you bring up RAP on Split-Tunnel mode, it will segregate Internet traffic and Corporate traffic and allows only corporate traffic to reach the controller and rest of the traffic will be NATed locally into the Internet.


Hope you got your solution, please feel free to comeback if not solved.

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