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Does Aruba internal DHCP server support RFC3396

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I have a requirement that needs the internal DHCP server of the controller to be able to support RFC3396 “Encoding Long Options in DHCPv4”.

This is related to the fact that my client sends two PRL's with the second one containing the DNS server details.More info below\


The client sends 2 Parameter Request List (PRL) options (option type 55) to the
DHCP server in the DHCP Discover and Request messages. It is unusual for a client
to send more than 1 PRL. The PRL contains the parameters requested by the client
 as part of the DHCP process. Normally, the parameters the client requests
include the Subnet Mask, Router, and Domain Name Server IP address. The client requests the Subnet Mask and Router parameters in both PRLs. The client
requests the Domain Name Server parameter only in the second PRL. Some DHCP
servers reply with only the Subnet Mask and Router parameters as requested in the
first PRL, and others reply with the Subnet Mask, Router, and Domain Name Server
parameters as requested in the 2nd PRL


This is unusual I admit, but there is no way around it, and the 'clients' that I have cost in excess of $300 million each so changing them is a little tricky, and development involved to change this behaviour would takes months/years and cost a whole bundle of money.




Re: Does Aruba internal DHCP server support RFC3396



I don't know the answer to the internal dhcp supporting RFC3396 or not.  The internal dhcp is only meant for small and/or guest deployments and lack many features of a proper dedicated dhcp server.


If it doesn't support it, as long as the network is not massively busy, you may find that a cheap and cheerful Raspberry Pi with a linux dhcp setup may do the job nicely.

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Re: Does Aruba internal DHCP server support RFC3396

Is the dhcp option all text? The only way to find out is to configure it. The internal dhcp server on the controller is very rudimentary on purpose. You always have the option of using an external djcp server that is more full featured like--the one your client might have now.

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