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Does anyone know where I can get some spare parts, like power cables, for some Azalea/Aruba radio's

Also, does anyone know how to setup first time config within the Azalea NMS 2.0.1 Management OS?  I know this equipment is now called dead.. but we are still alive here deepinthewoods.us   and we need some power connections going here for our campus / neighborhood ...


I know I should buy (with what money) new model's and OS too.. oh that would be a blessing.. lol .. but.. real world..


are there any azalea/aruba engineers that has a bit of time to at least get me started here with the basics...  I have had these radio's now for 2 years and still have not figured out how to power them up even....   weird military connectors on my msr2000 and msr4000 boxes.... looks like it does not have the POE eithernet connectors installed on box.. now.. if I could find that.. and then I would need a signal injector for that power...


thank you for any and all help

Have a successful thanksgiving

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