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Does the address pool have a priority?

Hi Guys,


Could someone tell me if the address pool have a priority?

When I setup 2 address pools, they always used the first address pool, is there a way to change that ?

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Re: Does the address pool have a priority?



Are you referring to the local L2TP address pool? 


There is no options to configure a priority explicitly. However, it goes by the order of configuration. Once the first address pool is exhausted, then the second one will be picked. You can re-configure it in the order that you want. If you are using it for 'Aruba VIA' users, then you can map a specific address pool in the user-role. But for RAP, you can't do that. 



Rajaguru Vincent 



Rajaguru Vincent
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Re: Does the address pool have a priority?

Are you talking about VPN?  If so, what type?  The default role of a VPN type has a l2tp pool that you can select.  If you do not change anything, it will select the first pool:



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