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Does we have polarization in Aruba?



Does we have horizontal & vertical polarization techniques in aruba(as ruckus has).....if not how do we tackle poralization issues?

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Re: Does we have polarization in Aruba?



Please be more specific.  What issue are you talking about?

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Re: Does we have polarization in Aruba?

I am talking about Horizontal & Vertical Polarization. If AP is having only horizonal antenna, and receives a vertical signal there will a loss of signal received by AP, as AP has a horizontal Antenna. Normally i have also heard of AP which has dual polarization enabled!


Does Aruba has these features.


Re: Does we have polarization in Aruba?

All outdoor radios and antennas support dual/multiple polarization antennas

Indoor radios at Aruba do not




Because indoor polarization is of limited beneift due to reflections and can actnually impair the operation of Transmit Beamforming and MU MIMO (as we move towards Wave 2)


In addition , the use of directional antennas indoors can negatively impact MIMO, Tx BF, and MU MIMO


For more in depth please refer to:\




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