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Dropping EAPOL and enabling Handle EAPOL-logoff

We recently noticed a large number of error syslog messages coming from our Aruba controllers.  One in particular, "Dropping EAPOL packet sent by station" appears to be related to EAPOL logoffs per the following article:



I would like to silence syslog messages that are not network impacting.  Our users do not seem to be having any issues when these messages are generated, so I would like to know what the impact is when enabling the knob "Handle EAPOL-logoff".


Does enabling this knob simply turn on the handling of EAPOL logoff messages, thus silencing the log messages we are seeing?

By enabling it, does it impact the user experience at all, or is it transparent to them?


Thank you for any clarification!

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Re: Dropping EAPOL and enabling Handle EAPOL-logoff

Bump.  I still have not been able to find any authoritative document on what this knob does.

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