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Dynamic DNS from Mobility Controller to a DNS server


 I have a WPA2-Enterprise setup going with an IAP 225, a Mobility Controller (7005) and a Clearpass Server. The fact it is Enterprise vs PSK is not pertinent. My question is related to the DHCP pool at the Controller.


 When the client successfully connects and acquires a DHCP address from the pool, I want to be able get the hostname (in the DHCP identity) over to a DNS server using ddns. I am unable to find configuration in the Controller that can allow me to enable this functionality and to specify the identity of the dns zone/server and any key for securing that push


Does the Controller support dynamic DNS when it acts as a DHCP server ? 

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Re: Dynamic DNS from Mobility Controller to a DNS server

I think you're talking about registering a clients DNS hostname on a DNS server. Is that correct?


If so, this is a client functionality rather than a DHCP server functionality.


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Re: Dynamic DNS from Mobility Controller to a DNS server


I was looking at DHCP server hosted on Linux as a guideline. See https://lani78.com/2012/07/23/make-your-dhcp-server-dynamically-update-your-dns-records-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/

or https://geekdudes.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/installingconfiguring-dnsdhcp-and-dynamic-dns-on-centos-7/


I had presumed that perhaps the DHCP server capability on the Controller also supports something like this. But I am afraid that it might not be the case. I will have to look for an alternative way

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Re: Dynamic DNS from Mobility Controller to a DNS server

The internal DHCP server on the controller is very limited and cannot register dhcp clients dynamically into DNS.  You should host an external DHCP server to get the functionality you need.

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