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Dynamic Mesh-Cluster

Hello everybody,

we are in the process of implementing a large mesh environment for a customer.
All APs are AP-270s Here we have the following problem. There are two fixed access points which serve as a portal (Po1 + Po2) and are connected directly to the Mobility Controller. These should give a mesh link to the next point (Pi1). The point passes on the signal via copper as a switch port (Bridge), to another portal (Po3). Of these units (Mesh Point - Mesh Portal) we have 8 pieces. The 8 units, constantly changing their position, so they are not fixed, which eliminates various mesh clusters. As soon as Po3 comes online, Pi1 connects to it and the whole unit goes offline. Is there someone who has already built a similar project? How can we tell specific points not to connect to specific portals? Would it be possible for the points and portals which are directly connected to each other to assign different frequencies, so that a connection is not possible? We would be grateful for any help or information.
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Re: Dynamic Mesh-Cluster

A network drawing is required here to properly assess your ask, but with mesh you cannot have a path where you end up looping the network. It's hard to follow the descirption due to the way the text is posted in, but that is what it sounds like is happening. 


Additionally, you control which points talk to which portals based on the mesh cluster config they are assigned to. 


Finally if you are bringing back multiple APs over mesh links, you have to make sure you are bridging, not tunneling, the mesh interfaces. Otherwise the MTU sizes shrink due to the nested GRE tunnels until the MTU no longer works.


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