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Dynamic VLAN for mobile devices

I am trying to set up an SSID on an IAP Controller that will use Dynamic VLAN to put laptops in VLAN 1 and mobile devices (iphones, android phones and tablets) in VLAN 100.  The problem i'm running into is that I'm not sure what Attribute I need and the String to set for it.


I've tried Attribute=Class, String=iphone but that isn't working.  Any thoughts?  

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Re: Dynamic VLAN for mobile devices

The problem is that a client needs to get an ip address from a VLAN before the type of client is identified.  If the VLAN of a client is changed after that, the client would not know and will not re-dhcp to get a new ip address.  Maybe others have ideas on how to deal with your challenge.

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Re: Dynamic VLAN for mobile devices



I totally agree with cjosep. The VLAN assignment need to be bevor the client get the IP Address. Otherwise the client have a IP address from the wrong VLAN. And it isn't possible to force an ip renew from the Wifi AP or controller. I use this feature ofen based to change the VLAN different APs.


My only idea I have is to solve this with Clearpass. From my point of view there you have the availability to check client details bevor your authenticate and write back the controller role.



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