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EAI 9 Address family for hostname not support



We just tried to install a fresh copy of AMP 7.7.9 and encounted the following problem during the initial setup wizard. All STEPs are a per-usual and valid IPv4 addresses are defined, but STEP 7 fails with the following:


STEP 7 : Generating AMP's SSL certificate.

     Does AMP have a valid DNS name on your network (y/n)? y

     Enter AMP's fully qualified domain name: amp.company.ac.uk

     Generating SSL certifciate for amp.company.ac.uk

[Mon Mar 03 15:24:50 2014] [crit] (EAI 9)Address famility for hostname not support

ed: alloc_listener: failed to set up sockaddr for

Syntax error on line 165 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

Listen setup failed



The setup wizard continues but  at the end of it does not apply any of the IP configuration. Has anyone encounted this before?


Many thanks,



Re: EAI 9 Address family for hostname not support

I would open a TAC case on that to get some additional troubleshooting started.

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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