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EMEA Airheads Newsletter- January Edition

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Hi all Airheads,


The February edition of our EMEA Airheads Technical newsletter is out and you can access it in the attached.


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Re: EMEA Airheads Newsletter- February Edition

Hi Cristina, did you forget to attach it?

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Re: EMEA Airheads Newsletter- January Edition



Product Update




Aruba AP-360 Series, New Outdoor Wireless


The new Aruba AP-360 Outdoor Series is now available for ordering in EMEA. It features 802.11ac Wave 2 technology (2x2 MIMO) and consists of an Aruba AP-365 model with integrated Omnidirectional Antennas, and an Aruba AP 367 model with integrated Directional Antennas. Both will exist in parallel to the current AP-270 series for a lower price, yet high-performance, entry-level alternative into Outdoor Wi-Fi.


With the AP-360 series Aruba once again sets the gold standard for outdoor Wi-Fi solutions, in terms of ease-of-installation, ease-of-use, performance and price.


Ø  Get more information on our public website




Software Update



ClearPass Universal profiler: Automatically identify anything that connects


Aruba’s ClearPass Universal Profiler is a standalone virtual appliance that can be deployed and running in minutes. It gives granular visibility into all connected devices, even controllers and switches. A customizable dashboard lets you see categories and families of devices and individual attributes for everything connected – a critical feature in a BOYD and IoT world.


Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler is designed for those organisations that are not ready for a complete NAC solution, or for remote or restricted areas where NAC has not been deployed. It is available to fit any organisation’s scalability needs.



For more information check out

Ø  Introduction Pulse Video

Ø  Aruba Executive Brief

Ø  Product Brief Aruba Universal Profiler



ClearPass 6.6.3 is released


We’re happy to announce that ClearPass 6.6.3 has been released. The Aruba Engineering and QA team have worked tirelessly to develop the following new features:


•Profiling Enhancements

•Support for Netflow v5, v9 and IPFIX

•Ability to fetch service and process information using WMI

•Enhanced Support for third parties

•MS-CHAP support for Xirrus WLAN controllers

•Ability to fetch more public attributes from Facebook and LinkedIn social logins

•Improved MFA workflows

•Built-in support for Kasada

•Insight Enhancements

•OnGuard Enhancements

•Added support for several new products and enhanced existing ones

•New attribute for service rules

•Common Criteria Certification Features

•It may have taken us a little bit to get to this point but we’re now ready to knock out that certification!

•IPSec Enhancements

•Traffic selectors

•Security Improvements

•Ability to disable TLS 1.1

•Better visibility when there are attempts to login using unsupported protocols and/or algorithms

•Several new APIs

•And much, much MORE!


On top of the 6.6.3 release, we have also released a KVM hypervisor version of ClearPass. This means ClearPass is now available in 3 major hypervisor variants. KVM is released as a 6.6.2 base image as opposed to ESXi/Hyper-V which is 6.6.0. All can immediately be upgraded to 6.6.3.


Ø  Access ClearPass 6.6.3 Release Notes  


Aruba OS-Switch 16.03 Is released!

Aruba OS-Switch 16.03 code has been released earlier this month. The various versions (per series) of the code are available on Aruba website with release notes.

·         For the Aruba 2930F switch series, the main new feature is VSF providing full stacking capabilities. Comes as well additional L3 features: PIM, PBR and VRRP.

·         Other important functionalities coming with 16.03 are Fast Software Upgrade on 5400R, IP SLA for Voice, Central support for 2540 and 3810 series, …


Ø  Check out the ArubaOS Switch 16.03 release notes


Aruba 3800 Switch series:  KA.16.03.0003

Aruba 2930F Switch series: WC.16.03.0003

Aruba 3810, 5400R Switch series:  KB.16.03.0003

Aruba 2530 Switch series:  YA/YB.16.03.0003

Aruba 2620 Switch series: RA.16.03.0003

Aruba 2540 Switch series: YC.16.03.0003

Aruba 2920 Switch series:  WB.16.03.0003








EMEA Airheads Technical Webinars – January to June 2017 calendar


The Airheads Technical Webinars are regularly scheduled live online technical discussions conducted by Aruba TAC team experts. The webinars are intended to help customer/ partners engineers further develop their understanding of Aruba technology and solutions. Topics to be discussed will vary based on interest at the time or relevant Aruba technological topics or announcements. The January to June 2017 is available here.


Airheads technology blogs


·         Don’t Get Disconnected in Outdoor Areas

·         Tunneled Node for Campus Switches

·         Is the lack of IoT device visibility costing you?

·         Aruba 330 Series – Winner of the CRN’s 2016 Products of the Year

·         Aruba ClearPass Partnership with Intel-McAfee Wins Security Innovations Award








Re: EMEA Airheads Newsletter- January Edition

@jrwhitehead I tried my best but the platform does not recognise email attachments and once saved in pdf links will not work, thus you should see the content in my earlier post. Not really nice & colourful but the content and links are there. #sigh

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