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ESSID picks up old VLAN

I have an issue with an ESSID still picking up a VLAN I had removed from the VLAN Pool "General-802.1x "


I added a new VLAN, 201 and removed the exisiting one, VLAN 100.  But when looking at the ESSID summary it still shows VLAN 100.


Has anyone experienced this issue before?  I opened a TAC case and the Aruba Tech advised to rebooted the controller.  I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and has resovled it without rebooting the controller.


Vlan Mapping Table
VLAN Name Pool Status Assignment Type VLAN IDs
--------- ----------- --------------- --------

General-802.1x    Enabled      Hash             201


ESSID Summary
ESSID         APs  Clients  VLAN(s)  Encryption
-----         ---  -------  -------  ----------
WIFINET1  48   5        201,100  Dynamic WPA,WPA 8021X AES,WPA2 8021X TKIP,WPA2 8021X AES


WIFINET2     48   3        201,100  Dynamic WPA,WPA 8021X AES,WPA2 8021X TKIP,WPA2 8021X AES

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Re: ESSID picks up old VLAN

Is the virtual AP tied to the VLAN name?  If this is a master/local configuration, make sure you type "write mem" or save configuration on the master.

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Re: ESSID picks up old VLAN

Yes, it's tied to the VLAN name.  The controller is a local controller and I did save the configurations on the local and master controller.  Still did not remove vlan 100 from the ESSID.

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Re: ESSID picks up old VLAN



In the provided output I'm seeing some clients connected hence it is showing the old vlan id along with the new one. you disconnect all the clients ( aaa user delete all) and then do writememory on the master and then see the output. I believe it is because of the Client association nothing else.


please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: ESSID picks up old VLAN

Thanks for the suggestion and I had already done that and it still didn't go away.  I just ended up rebooting the controller and it went away.

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