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Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

We just got a large screen 60" LED TV for our help desk team that can get a quick glimpse in to our network. We have a few apps that are running so they can see IDF activity, VMwares servers and I'd love for them to be able to see our WAPs as well. Is there an plug in availble that would allow of a more graphical look at WAPS and wheteher they are up or down, or a better way to view Access Point status than the attached shot?


Thx, Tom

PS, we have a headless Mac Mini that we connect this TV too for controlling and adding conent to the TV



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Re: Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

I'd suggest to use some tool for SNMP monitoring or take a look at AirWave.

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Re: Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

Airwave is a bit too large scale for this, thx. Just looking for a quick view into statuses, red = down, green = up

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Re: Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

The controller Monitoring page will give you up/down.....

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Re: Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

It does, guess I'm just looking for something a little more "up front" and in your face with graphics.


thx for Everyone's input.

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Re: Easier Viewing/Monitoring of WAPs

If you want to try scripting it into Cacti or something like that, you can do an SNMPWALK on OID .


The result is a big list of OID instances, with OID ending with a different number. Example:


Walking . (wlanAPStatus) on xxxxx  


Object IDValue

up (1)

up (1) (1)

down (2)


So what those last six numbers are is a decimal representation of the MAC addresses of the APs. Looking at the first one, it would give me a MAC address of that WAP as 00:24:6c:c7:c9:35 (decimal 00:36:108:199:201:53)


You can pull that whole thing in from each controller, and parse it to look for the "down (2)" and monitor that way. It's a bit clunky but it might do what you're looking for if you can integrate it into something else. (Sorry for the formatting on the tables, didn't paste well.)

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