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Edit Captive portal Guest user wording


Does anyone know how I can edit the default wording that appears in the Default Grey coloured box Titled GUEST USER.

I have only an email address input box, a 'log in' Button and the following text, which is what I want to edit.


"Logging in as a guest user indicates you have read and accepted the Acceptable Use Policy."


Many thanks


Re: Edit Captive portal Guest user wording

Please take a look at this note - it doesn't answer your direct question but is a nice read for CP - http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/aos_guestacccess-appnote.pdf


Now...onto your question, there is no way to edit those embedded pages so your options are 


1. Use ClearPass Guest

2. Use a custom html form.  This form can use the already embedded page as a template if you so choose.  


Use the "view source" option in the browser to see what the default page is doing in the background and then you can upload your edits to the controller as a custom page.


You can install the captive portal page by using the Maintenance function of the WebUI. Log into the WebUI and navigate to Configuration > Management >Captive Portal > Upload Custom Login Pages


This configuration is also found starting on pg 291 in the AOS 6.3 user guide.

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