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Hello i was wondering if the aruba can send email alerts of for example when it detect a rogue AP ?

Or the email alerts can just be done with the airwave?

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Re: Email alerts

Only with Airwave.


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Re: Email alerts

Thank you very much Collin you are very helpful like always!



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Re: Email alerts



I can see that this is an old post but looking to use airwave also for alerting.


One problem I cant seem to find is how to change the body of the email generated ( see below of the automated email)


Device Down: Device Type is Access Point

Severity: Critical

Time: Thu Sep 22 15:06:22 2016

Notes: AP down - Please investigate


Note: Use the AP tracker and add further info to ticket


Device: Testing1 - https://airwave-it-ap1.x.x.x.x 

Additional Info: Device Type is Access Point         

Group: Access Points     

Folder: Top        


Alert Time: 2016-09-22T15:06:09+01:00 

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