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Enable or disable wmm-uapsd

Hi all,


Do you enable or disable wmm-uapsd?


Is it actually possible to have better voice quality if you disable wmm-uapsd?

What could be the possible cause, maybe tuning "TSPEC Min Inactivity"?

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Re: Enable or disable wmm-uapsd

Please see the article here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Community-Tribal-Knowledge-Base/U-APSD-explained-and-debugged/ta-p/16471


Long story short:  It is device-specific.

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Re: Enable or disable wmm-uapsd

(i've posted this reply for error in this topic, sorry)

Thanks for the explanation A_RAK


UAPSD look enable:


Wireless Multimedia (WMM) Disabled
Wireless Multimedia U-APSD (WMM-UAPSD) Powersave Enabled


does this mean that the AP will buffer all the packets to the client if the client sends and power-save message?

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