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Enabling Phone Home: How it can help

AOS 6.0 quietly introduced a new feature called ‘Phone Home’ to the controller.  It is time for phone home to stop being quiet and start being enabled.  Phone Home can have a very large impact.  It is designed to help support solve problems and Aruba understand how the product is deployed by customers.  The Phone Home feature gathers information about your deployment, encrypts it and emails it to Aruba. 


When contacting Aruba TAC, you may be asked to run an ‘on-demand’ phone home report.  The on-demand report includes data critical to solving support cases.  The report includes data from the ‘tar logs tech-support’ command and any crash core files on the controller.  Large crash files will be divided into smaller attachments and sent as multiple emails back to Aruba.  Proactive notification requires the ‘Auto Report’ option.  This option will email information about the controller to Aruba every week.  The report includes the running config, hardware information, licenses, crash reports and firmware version.  The Auto Report files are typically smaller than the average 10 meg attachment limit and will be sent as a single file.   Auto Report will help Aruba TAC identify and isolate bugs by tracking patterns across the installed base.  In the future, this information will allow Aruba support to notify customers if they have known configuration problems or their deployment is likely to encounter a known defect. 


Enabling Phone Home is straightforward.  Navigate to the Maintenance-->Aruba TAC Server page in the controller UI.  Select enable and enter the SMTP relay host information.  There are configurable options for port, authentication information and max attachment size.  Detailed instructions can be found in Chapter 32: Automatic Reporting in the AOS 6.1 user guide. 


In addition to the support benefits, Phone home allows Aruba to gain more insight into how our products are deployed.  Aruba has a very large number of customers and we only get to hear from a small fraction of them.  Phone home gives us visibility into significantly more customers and build an accurate picture of how our products are deployed.  This helps us continually improve our products.


Please reply to this post with any questions or thoughts.

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