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Enabling controller logging



We have a situation where some of our controllers are rebooting without warning (we have a TAC case open). We have a remote logging server so I want to set the controllers up to log to that. There are quite a number of available options so I wondered if there was any advice about some sensible settings for this?


We currently have the logging servers added like this:


  logging x.x.x.x severity errors
  logging x.x.x.x severity errors


And only the following is logged at the moment (someone else set this up some time ago):


  logging level warnings security subcat ids
  logging level warnings security subcat ids-ap


I also wondered what 'Debug String' is when setting logging up on ap-debug:


(config) #logging level warnings ap-debug ?
<name> Debug String Range 1-63


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Enabling controller logging

If you controller reboots, typically TAC would ask for the crash.tar file which would survive a reboot. They would then be able to let you know what type of external logging they would want done. Typically you would just do "logging <IP address of syslog server>" to start...

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Re: Enabling controller logging

Thanks Colin,


It seems that the crash.tar files aren't being created/surviving the reboot. So they have suggested we run console sessions on the controllers and hopefully catch one of them rebooting, we have a console server so we can install that in the data centre tomorrow and do as they suggest.


Having some remote logging would be a good idea in any case (regardless of the current issues), and this seemed like a good reason to configure it.


I've configured the servers as you suggest (logging x.x.x.x) and the remote facility is set, so we should hopefully see some logs appear now.


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