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Enforce DHCP Monitoring

We will be rolling out enforce DHCP for all AAA profiles, but I have questions about monitoring.  It seems that 2 log messages are associated with packets being dropped because IP was not obtained through DHCP:


May 28 10:11:05 authmgr[3524]: <522026> <INFO> |authmgr| MAC="MAC" IP="IP" User miss: ingress=0x1001c, VLAN=598 flags=0x40


May 27 15:04:44 authmgr[3524]: <522141> <DBUG> |authmgr| "MAC" IP "IP": drop pkt as ip not assigned through dhcp.


Where "MAC" and "IP" are placeholders for legitimate values.


In order to produce the debug mssg I have to enable “logging level debugging user process authmgr” which includes many additional mssgs not require in our environment.  Both logs create a line for each dropped packet - excessive for our needs.


Is there a way to monitor or flag clients which are in violation of the enforce DHCP policy without creating thousands of log mssgs?  Is there a suppressible trigger in AirWave?





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Re: Enforce DHCP Monitoring

have you tried
logging level debugging user process dhcpd


logging level debugging network subcat dhcp

maybe these can help.
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Re: Enforce DHCP Monitoring

I did try both logging levels suggested, but I did not notice any related log messages.  I am not running DHCP on the controller.

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