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Entry-level Mobility Controller deployment?



Planning an entry-level controller solution with about 50-60 APs. Previously I have used instant for smaller solutions, but I was looking at the following


-7205 Mobility Controller (JW735A)


Now I guess it would work with both instant APs (JW811A) and aruba APs (JW797A) but I wonder if there's a difference in licensing or such in addition to the preloaded OS (which would need to be changed in the instant version I guess). I still need a LIC-AP for both access points, and one of these can run both instant/arubaos and the other can't? At least some site seemed to have more expensive aruba APs, so that's what got me wondering?



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Re: Entry-level Mobility Controller deployment?



If the AP is of type "IAP", i.e. IAP-315 then the ap can run the Instant OS as well as ArubaOS.  If the AP is of type "AP" i.e. AP-315, then the AP can only run ArubaOS.  This does change in some of the new AP's, as Aruba is moving towards the concept of a "Universal AP" that can run both.


If you obtain the IAP type AP's then they will ship with the Instant OS running, you will need to connect them and then convert them to ArubaOS.


there is no difference in licensing for this.


you will need the AP license for the mobility controller equal to the number of access points. (as well as any other licenses you might want i.e. PEF/VIA/RFP/ACR)

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