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Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

We are having issues while trying to upgrade our environment.  A detailed document has been attached with all troubleshooting steps provided.


I've decided to put it within the post as some people probably don't want to download the document (I can understand).


  1. Correct me if I am incorrect in the design layout above.
  2. The MM hardware version doesn’t need to purchase an additional license since it should already come embedded with one. I notice this only when adding AP Evaluation licenses. Once you move to another tab, the permanent license disappears from the screen.


  1. When I upgrade my existing 620/650/3200/3600 bundled controllers to 7200 series controllers, the mobility controller license should automatically carry over so that I do not need to purchase additional controller licenses. These licenses should automatically merge onto Mobility Master when I migrate to MM. Correct?


  1. My migration will carry over all actual physical AP licenses (PER/RF/PER) except for the bundled licenses which aruba will look into once I migrate all controllers over.




  1. Referring to ArubaOS 8.2.2.x Migration Guide.pdf

            Installing the Migration Tool

            Step 11, page 14 it states to ping (Link is in document.)

I do this but I don’t get a response. If I put it in my chrome, it works. My coworkers feel hpe is

not allowing ping since as you can see I am able to ping google.com and hp.com does provide a partial response.


  1. (Link in document) ( https to the Migration Tool server) only worked in IE 11, failed in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


  1. Attempted to do the Preview Config.

NJCWLC01 (nj 7210 controller running, # tar flash to create a flash.tar.gz file

FTP the file to workstation pc. Using Winzip or 7zip to untar the file into a flash folder.

Error in Winzip and 7zip, referring to a cert.


Upload Device Config: c:\tftp-root\flash\config\default.cfg   as stated on webpage


Click Convert & Download.

Received this error: Message from Webpage : 500

This error is too generic to see why it is giving that.

To rule out or network, I installed Vmware workstation evaluation on my home laptop. I opened the MigrationTool_V3.2.3.ova file and configured it to use my laptop.  Copied the flash.tar.gz file to my laptop and untar using winzip. Open google chrome and got the same 500 error


  1. Attempted to do an actual migration. Chose Upgrade to 8.x and manual

Chose Migration mode: HMM since we have a hardware mobility master

For Existing Deployment mode: you only have Master-Local or All Master options. I chose All master since if I upgrade my existing controllers to 7200 series, they will all be Standalone Masters


Common Node Name: I enter HHR (node will be created as /md/HHR)

Migration Licenses: Yes

MNP username: (Link in document)                      (be advised, I had aruba migrated my HP-Aruba to asp.arubanetworks.com portal site.  Value on HPE are now read only)


Next Page

Add Device

IP Address:                       (ip of the njcwlc01 nj 7210 controller which has OS

Username: admin

8.x image: ArubaOS_72xx_8.3.0.5_68279    (I uploaded the os to migration tool)

6.x image: ArubaOS_72xx_6.5.4.8_65873    (I uploaded the os to migration tool)

Image Partition: 1                               (I chose 1 so I can go back to 0 if needed)

Authentication: PSK  

IPSec Key: enter the key

Node exists: if you choose NO or Yes, you still need to enter the node name

Node name: by default it shows “node will be created as /md/HHR” BUT if I enter a name, which I have to , it will changed to /md/HHR/NorthAmerica


Does this mean my MM image (global) will sit on HHR

But my local image will sit on NorthAmerica

And all items UNDER NorthAmerica will get that NorthAmerica image?


Click Proceed

Click Ok to AP warning message


Now to enter all PASSWORDS


When I enter all passwords and click on Start Upgrade, it starts processing and shows the % health check and eventually it fails due to the fact it could NOT connect to MNP.


As in the Step1, Migration Tool, ping (Link in document) did not provide a response but (Link in document) in any browser works so we are not blocking the site.


I thought maybe the fact my HPE-Aruba licenses were moved to asp.arubanetworks.com and thereby putting my HPE in readonly mode might be the issue but I doubt it.


So how do we fix this? That is why I went back to do the Preview Config to see how much of change was involved.

I don’t think it would be wise to manually enter all fields on the MM using 2 screens since the names and locations of entries on an Aruba 7210 OS6.5.4.8 are not the same on a MM OS8.3.0.5.


If you would like my flash.tar.gz file, I can send it to you so at least you can see if you also receive the Error 500, so we can narrow it down to browser, tar file or network issue. File is about 57MB.Pic16.pngPic17.png


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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

Let me offer a suggestion to you as a person that has migrated over 3k of APs from 3600 controller 7240 controllers all running


Build the configuration from scratch the first time. Skip the upgrade of the controllers to 8.x and instead start building the MM environment. This way you have a clean step up at the beginning. 


Now for the migration tool. I assume you don't have pyhiscal access to the controllers such as I didn't. First step manually migrate the configurations to the MM in the location you need with the more specific configurations to the control itself going in the lowest parts of the tree.


Next build a VM of the migration tool and VM of the smallest MM and ask for MM evaluation license. 


Strip the configuration of the controller to be migrated to a mininum.

Migrate the controller to the temproray MM.

Once migrated SSH to the controller and go into disaster recovery mode.

Config the master and secondary master ips to the Production MM.


At this point the controller will reboot and pull the configuration from the production MM if everything works correctly.


Delete all configuration from the temp MM and repeat.


This took some work to get ours right. Aruba OS 8 is a full new architecture that is awesome to work with but may take a little bit to migrate towards.

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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool


We have successfully been able to utilize the 'Migration Tool'.  After working with TAC, it was found that the tool was reaching out to a loop back IP address of some sort.  The TAC engineer was able to find this by digging through the logs and manually changing it within the configuration.  Keep in mind that after the migration tool had completed its process, there were several areas that needed to be cleaned up or reconfigured.  This allowed us to at least have a starting point, and not have to create a new configuration from scratch.

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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

Are you saying that TAC had to fix the migration tool app or the config file?

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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

TAC was able to determine what the underlying issue was.  Once that was complete, and the tool completed successfully, they moved onto assisting with 'tweaking' the new configuration.

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Re: Error 500 - Upgrade via Mobility Master Migration Tool

I guess we need to wait for them to release a patched version of the Migration Tool then. Thanks

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